The Most Common Toilet Issues Part 2

Every homeowner should know how to troubleshoot minor toilet issues. No one wants to have to call in an emergency plumber, but there’s no better reason to call an emergency plumber than a toilet that isn’t working. When you have to go, you have to go, which means that you need to be able to… read more

The Most Common Toilet Issues

The toilet is the last thing you want to stop working. You rely on the toilet in your home every day, and when it stops working, it’s not exactly an ideal situation. Some toilet problems require professional plumbing services, but there are plenty of common toilet issues you can troubleshoot on your own. Knowing how… read more

The Benefits of Water Filtration

The Benefits Of Water Filtration

Is it worth the investment to have a water filter installed in your home? Here in the United States, many of us drink water straight out of our taps, and for the most part, drinking tap water is perfectly fine. However, in April of 2014, Flint, Michigan experienced an unthinkable water contamination crisis that still… read more

Are Flushable Wipes Truly Flushable?

Are Flushable Wipes Truly Flushable

It used to be that wet wipes were exclusively used on infants, but now there are varieties made for people of all ages. Not only has the wet wipes trend greatly surpassed infant-only-use, adult wet-wipe use has now become incredibly popular; in fact, wet wipes are now a staple in many-a-bathroom in the United States… read more

Is Your Toilet Paper Clogging Your Toilet?

Is Your Toilet Paper Clogging Your Toilet_

When it comes to toilet paper, you have an endless amount of options, but are some better for your plumbing than others? The next time you’re walking down the toilet paper aisle in the grocery store, take a moment to think about how many options are available. Whether you prefer the affordable, straight-to-business, one-ply toilet… read more

Tips for Reducing the Risks of Carbon Monoxide in Your Home

Tips For Reducing The Risks Of Carbon Monoxide In Your Home

Exposure to carbon monoxide can be deadly, and it’s important for all homeowners to know how to reduce the risks of carbon monoxide exposure in their own homes. While most homeowners are well aware of how to reduce the risk of fires and electrocutions in their homes, there’s one danger that far too many homeowners… read more

Plumbing Tips for Spring


Spring is finally here! Winter can often feel like it will never end, and if you’ve been impatiently waiting for winter to finally wind down, you’ll be glad to know that the first official day of spring is here at last. With every new season, comes new challenges for your plumbing system, and there are… read more

Tips for Reducing the Amount of Toilet Paper You Use


Whether you’re aware of it or not, trees are a diminishing resource, and we all need to do our part to protect them. In our last blog, we talked about just how many trees we are wasting every year to make toilet paper and other paper products, as well as the devastating effects that destroying… read more

How Much Paper Are We Flushing?


Excessive paper waste is a major problem for the environment, but how can you save more paper in the bathroom? In a previous blog, we talked about the growing water crisis in the world, and how Americans have added to it through excessive water waste. However, our water use isn’t the only habit that we… read more

Signs That You Need Pipe Repair


When you need pipe repair, it’s important to get it ASAP, but how can you, if you don’t know that you need it in the first place? Pipe repair is one of those things that you should never procrastinate on. If you put off the repairs you need for too long, you’ll likely end up… read more