It has been an incredibly cold winter so far. A few weeks ago a polar vortex came down from Canada and it caused record breaking temperatures. We are used to a certain level of  cold here, but it has been an extreme winter, and it is no wonder that we find ourselves having issues with plumbing. It has not been uncommon for us to see frozen or even burst pipes lately. If you experience either of these issues, call Culler Plumbing services. We are your go-to 24 hour plumber in Edwardsville.

During the last few weeks we have had to turn up our heat a little more than we would like, and a lot of us have had to deal with frustrating and costly plumbing issues. Frozen pipes are one of the most common issues this time of year, and this winter we have seen quite a few of them. When your pipes freeze, it is so important to contact a plumber right away. Frozen pipes could quickly lead to burst pipes, which could lead to costly damage in your home. Many people try to thaw their pipes themselves, but if you are not gentle enough, it could lead to thermal expansion, which could also lead to a burst pipe. Let our expert Edwardsville plumber do it right for you the first time.

The cold can do terrible things to your plumbing, and during this time of year it is not uncommon to find frozen or burst pipes in our area. If you experience either of these issues, shut off your water and call our emergency plumber right away. We offer competitive rates and free quotes.