In a world where the cost of living seems to increase regularly, while the conditions of living don’t reflectively improve, many homeowners have been increasingly aware of their home’s utility bills and consumption of resources. Water, one the world’s most abundant resources and a modern convenience little of us could live without, does not come without a price. If you are water savvy and have taken heed of our previous blogs about how to save water, you may be enraged when you get a higher-than-normal water bill.

If you opened your water bill this month to find either a strikingly high spike in supposed water usage, or there has been a steady increase in your bill’s trend over the last few months, this post is for you.

First, there are few basic, almost obvious reasons for a larger water bill, so rule them out before you dive deep into other causes.
Your family dynamics, living situation, or the seasons have changed. It is not uncommon to have higher-than-normal bills in the summer when kids are playing in the sprinkler, washing cars, and taking a shower every day. Discuss usage with your family.
Leaks. If you have pooling water, a constant drip at a faucet, or a toilet that just won’t stop, look no further. A simple leak repair should solve your problem.
A rate increase. There is little you or your plumber can do to address a rate increase, other than ensure that your meter is working properly.

Alright, now that we have ruled out the simple stuff, let’s dig deeper into some less obvious causes of your high water bill.

New Appliances

New appliances that are not WaterSense approved may be wasting water! Anything from your new refrigerator that features an automatic ice dispenser to your new water softener that has a washback cycle. Before you install any appliance that uses water — water heater, water softener, toilet, refrigerator, dishwasher, etc. — make sure that it is water rated and that you are ready to handle an increase in water usage, and proportionately your water bill.

Old Appliances

Old appliances are often huge culprits of water waste. Not only does the efficiency decline over time, but without proper maintenance, they can rob your water supply. Something like an old, inefficient water heater can cause you and your family to waste more water compensating for poor performance than you would with a properly working appliance. If your appliances are old and outdated, consider upgrading and replacing.

Underground Leak

A leak in your main water line will cause a significant spike in your water usage. And, may or may not be easy to detect. If you notice reduced water pressure at your faucets, pooling water, soggy grass, swelling home materials, damp crawl space or basement, or cracked concrete at your sidewalk or foundation, contact your local emergency plumber right away! An underground leak is not something that you will be able to fix on your own. At Culler Plumbing, we offer water detection and excavation services to find and fix the source of your underground leak.

Follow These Simple Tips to Help Save Water and Reduce Your Water Bill

  • Only water your lawn when it is cool outside.
  • Only run full loads of laundry or dishwashing.
  • Fix drips and leaks immediately.
  • Invest in low-flow toilets.
  • Invest in WaterSense appliances.
  • Have your plumbing system routinely inspected.
  • Keep showers short.
  • Don’t run the water while doing dishes or brushing teeth.

If you have done everything here and still cannot find the source of your high water bill, let the expert plumbing technicians at Culler Plumbing help you find the source. If you have identified a drip, leak, or outdated appliance, let our plumbing team help you correct it. Contact us to schedule your appointment today.