1. Interpreting Your Summer Water Bill Spike

    If you are like the hundreds of other Belleville residents that notice a spike in their summer water bill, you may be frustrated and searching for answers. At Culler Plumbing Services, we get calls about these concerns and requests for assistance in lowering it. There are some things that we can do …Read More

  2. Most Common Summer Plumbing Problems in Edwardsville

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  3. Summer Plumbing Tips

    Five years ago, to the date, our Fairview Heights plumber posted an article, Get Ready For Summer With the Help of Our Fairview Height Plumber,  offering advice to local homeowners about how to prepare their plumbing for the summer. In it, we discussed some common plumbing concerns that find people…Read More

  4. Indoor Flooding — How To Quell Your Springtime Woes

    Summer flooding, it happened so fast! Along with warmer days and melting snow, come the heavy spring rains that Metro East Illinois can count on to furnish a lush green lawn in the summer to come. For some homeowners, however, spring rain means certain flooding. The expert technicians at Culler Plum…Read More

  5. Soggy Soil and Other Summer Plumbing Nightmares to Avoid

    Watering the yard to curate a luscious lawn in the Illinois summer is one thing, but having soggy soil and drowning grass is a complete nightmare. It happens to households all over the nation. The moist conditions of melting springtime snow mask the symptoms of a bigger, looming problem for far long…Read More

  6. Why is My Water Bill So High?

    In a world where the cost of living seems to increase regularly, while the conditions of living don’t reflectively improve, many homeowners have been increasingly aware of their home’s utility bills and consumption of resources. Water, one the world’s most abundant resources and a modern conve…Read More

  7. Warm Weather Plumbing Tips

    In our last post, we discussed some potential plumbing problems that might be encountered in the warmer weather of spring. If you haven’t read it already, we strongly encourage you to go back and give it a read. At Culler Plumbing Services, we are Metro East Illinois’ Top Rated Local® plumbing …Read More