It’s not uncommon for your plumbing system to make noises.

We’ve all heard strange noises coming from our plumbing systems at some point or another, but you should know that, while it’s common to hear noises, some noises could be a sign of a problem. Understanding what may be causing your plumbing noises can help you determine if you need to call in a plumber in Belleville or not. Check out our last blog to learn about the plumbing noises that we’ve already gone over, and keep reading to learn more:

#5. Rattling

If you hear rattling in your walls, it can sound like your whole house is about to come down, but luckily, the real culprit is easy to correct. Rattling is often a sign that your pipes aren’t secured properly to the walls, and you can fix the problem by properly securing them.

#6. Hissing

The good news is that a hissing sound isn’t usually associated with a major plumbing issue. If you hear hissing when you turn on your faucet, it typically means that the water pressure is too high. The first step in this situation is to contact your water company to find out if the water pressure in your home is too high.

#7. Gurgling

Do you hear a gurgling noise when your water is running or has just been shut off? This could be a sign that there is a buildup of sediment in your pipes. Although many products claim to correct the problem, your best bet is to call in a plumber to clear the buildup.;