Here we are, making Labor Day plans with our friends and family and settling into the back-to-school routine. Soon, the pools will be closing, the leaves will be turning, and corn and pumpkins will be the bounty. Fall is upon us. As you may already know as an avid Culler Plumbing blog reader, this is also the time of year that our plumbers take this opportunity to offer some helpful fall plumbing tips to prepare your plumbing for the Illinois winter. Just like the pumpkins, these fall tips posts are plentiful. So this year, we thought we would refrain from reinventing the wheel and just do a review of previous posts.

2018 Fall Plumbing Problem Prevention Tips

Last fall, our Belleville plumber gave a list of common fall plumbing problems and some tips to help keep your residential plumbing system in tip-top shape throughout the winter.
In part one, your plumber discusses how to avoid frozen pipes and how to support your water heater’s performance to keep your water warm all winter long. In part two, we discuss how to prevent Thanksgiving and the other winter holidays from wreaking havoc on your garbage disposal and how to avoid blocked drains.

This series takeaways:

  • Keep your home’s heat at least 65°F to avoid a frozen plumbing system.
  • Inspect your water heater before cold weather sets in.
  • Don’t put grease, fat, oil, or stingy foods in the garbage disposal.
  • Clean out your gutters.

2017 Fall Plumbing Preparation Tips

In 2017, our two-part fall plumbing blog series, took a more proactive approach preventing winter plumbing problems by offering practical tips to prepare your plumbing system for fall. In part one, our Belleville plumber reminds you to disconnect your outdoor hoses and turn off outdoor hose bibs, have your water heater inspected, and fix any existing leaks. But, our Belleville plumber wasn’t satisfied with those tips and included a part two. Our plumbing company recommended that you inspect your sump pump, clean out your gutters and drainpipes, and insulate your pipes if they aren’t already.

This series takeaways:

  • Disconnect water hoses.
  • Turn off outdoor hose bibs.
  • Service your water heater.
  • Fix leaks.
  • Inspect your sump pump.
  • Clean out gutters.
  • Insulate pipes.

You may be sensing a trend here, and you’re right. The biggest things you can do to prepare your plumbing system for the winter ahead is to prevent against freezing and to keep water away from your home. For more fall plumbing reads, check out our other fall posts:

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Prepare For Winter 2019 With Culler Plumbing Services

We realize we just gave you a wealth of information and you may be wondering what you do or don’t need to do for your residential plumbing system. If you aren’t sure, we encourage you to give us a call and we can help determine what you need to do and what is already good to go!
If you would like a professional plumbing inspection or help with any of the fall plumbing maintenance tips listed in today’s post, contact the plumbing technicians at Culler Plumbing Services today.