Most plumbing services offer 24-hour emergency services, at a steep cost. Every person and family will have different priorities and tolerances as to what is an emergency and what isn’t. Most plumbers will be happy to oblige your after-hours requests. When your house is being flooded and there is imminent permanent structural damage, we can all agree, this is a valid reason to employ your local emergency plumber. But how do you know if other sudden plumbing problems warrant calling an emergency plumber?

Can it Wait?

The simple answer is, it all depends on how inconvenienced you are and how much you are willing to pay to have your issue fixed, now. The question to ask yourself is: can it wait? If your sink has a slow leak or your shower has very low water pressure, chances are it can wait until normal business hours. If you know how to use the water valve to shut off the water source to the problem area, you have basically fixed your own issue, temporarily.

If a pipe in your kitchen bursts while you are installing a new faucet, the water level is rising, and it’s a Friday evening, first check to see if you can shut off the water. If you are not able to, or cutting the water to the problem pipe would cut off vital water supply to the entire kitchen, it may be time to call your local plumbing expert.

Is it Your Responsibility?

Before you call an emergency plumber and front the hefty bill, it is a good idea to make sure that you are actually responsible for the damage and repair. If you live in a communal living area such as an apartment complex, your landlord should have their own maintenance personnel, which should not cost extra to you (unless, of course, you directly caused the damage!).

If the water to your entire house has suddenly stopped running, it is likely this is not a plumbing issue, but more likely a city water issues. Attempt to call your water company before bringing out a plumber.


Is it Something a Plumber Can Fix?

Most people think of plumbers when they think of water issues. However, if your basement is suddenly submerged in an inch of water, it may not be a plumbing issue at all. It could possibly be a leaking basement window well in the soggy spring melt, a faulty sprinkler in your landscaping, or your washing machine leaking. If you call out a plumber, you may be upset to find that they refer you to a more appropriate person.

If there is ever any doubt, it does not hurt to call your local 24-hour plumber to see what they think. At Culler Plumbing, we have been providing quality emergency plumbing services in Belleville for over 20 years. Call one of our master plumbers for a no-obligation estimate.