Not only does keeping your bathroom clean make your home more enjoyable, but it also helps to protect your plumbing.

No one likes cleaning the bathroom, but unfortunately, it’s a necessary evil. Regardless of how much you hate cleaning your bathroom, it’s actually incredibly beneficial. Cleaning your bathroom will make you feel better, but it will also help you keep your plumbing system healthy. Dirt, hair and other debris could make their way into your sinks or toilets, leading to nasty clogs, but with regular bathroom cleaning, you can avoid all that. Cleaning is also essential for extending the life of your plumbing fixtures, eliminating the damage that lime and soap buildup can cause. Here are a couple tips from our Belleville plumber for clean your bathroom like a plumber:

#1. Invest in drain strainers.

A drain snake is the best option for removing hair from your drains. You should absolutely never use anything other than a drain snake, as you could easily drop it down the drain and end up having to call an emergency plumber. Do you hate fishing hair out of your drains? Avoid this task altogether by investing in drain strainers. Drain strainers are a simple, affordable upgrade that will help you keep the hair out of your drains.

#2. Tackle limescale with vinegar.

Are there white spots on your plumbing fixtures? This is limescale, and it is a sign that you have hard water in your home. Limescale can eat away at the rubber seals in your fixtures, so if you notice it, address it right away by soaking a paper towel or washcloth in vinegar and applying it to the area. Once you’ve made your fixtures shine again, prevent limescale buildup by investing in a water softener.

Please stay tuned for our next blog for more tips on cleaning your bathroom like a plumber!