If you have an older toilet, chances are you are wasting a lot more money with every single flush than you might think. What percentage of your water bill is due to your toilet? You may be surprised to learn that the answer is over 25 percent. Toilets that were made before 1995 use around 5 gallons of water every single time that you flush. That can be a big investment, especially if you have a small bladder. Many toilets that were made after 1996 use just under 2 gallons per flush, but you can save even more with an energy efficient toilet.

High efficiency toilets, also referred to as low-flow toilets, can help you to enjoy big savings on every water bill. That is because they typically use just a hair over a gallon of water every time you flush. There are a couple of types of low-flow toilets to consider. One option is a dual-flush toilet. One button on this toilet allows you to flush away your liquid waste, using under a gallon of water, while the other button removes solid waste using only about a gallon and a half of water.

Why would you want to literally flush away your money every single month? If you have an outdated toilet you are probably doing just that. Invest in a toilet that will help you to save money. For more information on what an energy efficient toilet can do for you, contact our Belleville plumber. We offer affordable prices and free quotes, so you have absolutely nothing to lose. Contact us today.