Avoid a call to your emergency plumber in Belleville by learning about common plumbing mistakes.

Plumbing emergencies are neither convenient nor cheap, and they always seem to happen at the worst times. The good news is that the majority of plumbing emergencies can be avoided, because a large percentage of them are caused by mistakes made by homeowners. When it comes to your plumbing, knowledge is power, and no other company understands that like we do at Culler Plumbing Services. That’s why we’re finishing up this list of top plumbing mistakes that lead to calling an emergency plumber:

Mistake #6. You prematurely turned your water heater on.

When you’ve been living with luke warm showers for very long, nothing is more exciting than a new water heater. Perhaps that’s why so many people end up turning their new water heaters on before they are ready. If you turn on your water heater prior to filling it up with water and removing the air bubbles by running the water, you run the risk of burning up your water heater.

Mistake #7. You crank on the faucet handle.

When you turn on the faucet, you expect water to come out, but when it doesn’t, your first instinct is often to crank on the faucet handle. However, rather than solving the problem that is causing the water not to come out of the faucet in the first place, you may end up breaking your faucet.


Mistake #8. You abuse your garbage disposal.

In our previous blog, we talked about how your toilet is not a trash can, and it’s important to note that your garbage disposal isn’t a trash can either. Food scraps may seem innocent enough to toss in the garbage disposal, but the wrong scraps can lead to trouble. Check out our previous blog to learn about the scraps to avoid putting down your garbage disposal.

Mistake #9. Procrastinating minor leak repairs.

Minor plumbing leaks may not seem like a big deal, but you’re not doing yourself any favors by putting off the repairs that you need. Even minor leaks can waste gallons of water over the course of the year, and leaks only become more severe — and more expensive to repair — over time. Making the necessary repairs promptly when you have leaks and other plumbing issues helps to minimize damage and saves you money. So do yourself a favor and don’t procrastinate plumbing repairs.

Mistake #10. Neglecting to turn off your hose bibs in winter.

Any exposed pipes that are left open when the temperature drops below freezing put you at risk for frozen pipes during winter. If frozen pipes aren’t taken care of carefully and promptly, they can burst, leading to a pricey repair bill and extensive water damage.

Plumbing emergencies happen, but with a little knowledge of the mistakes to avoid, you have a better chance of not having to call an emergency plumber to your home. However, if you do find yourself in a plumbing emergency, it’s important know who to call, and there’s no better emergency plumber to turn to than Culler Plumbing Services.