Belleville Plumber

Keeping your drains clean is an important part of being a homeowner, but it too often gets overlooked. Many people just accept a drain that drains slowly or gets clogged often, but you should know that it isn’t a problem that you should just live with! The best way to keep your drains working properly all the time is by getting regular drain cleanings from the talented Belleville plumbers at Culler Plumbing Services.

What causes your drains to get clogged?

Even if you are diligent about steering clear of putting things down your garbage disposal that you shouldn’t, over time, your drain can still start to get sluggish. Soap scum, hair, and other debris can build up along the inside of your pipes, and can cause a slow drain and eventually lead to clogs. Many people deal with these clogs by pouring in some store-bought drain cleaner and calling it a day, but you should know that this isn’t a good practice. Chemical drain cleaners are very acidic and they can actually damage your pipes.

If you can’t use drain cleaner, how do you keep clogs away?

The best and safest way to keep your drains clear and working as they should is with regular drain cleanings from a professional. We utilize state-of-the-art equipment and techniques to safely remove the debris without hurting your pipes or exposing you and your family to toxic chemicals. If you haven’t had your drains cleaned by a professional in a while, give us a call today.  We even have a $20 off coupon that you can take advantage of!