In our last blog, we talked about a few of the most common types of water filtration systems out there. To recap, our Belleville plumber talked about water softeners, reverse osmosis water filtration systems and whole-home water filtration systems. Although all three of these systems are very common and popular, there are many types of systems that you could choose from. Because of the many types of water filtration systems available, finding the right one can be difficult! To make your task easier, our plumber has come up with the following list of tips for choosing the right water filtration system:

  • Look for the NSF Certification – You should never buy a water filter that isn’t NSF Certified. The NSF Seal means that the system you are buying has had tests that prove that it can actually remove the contaminants that it claims to. Need help finding a filter that will remove a specific contaminant? The NSF has an incredible search tool that will make it easier!
  • Think about your budget – There’s no doubt about it, water filters can get pricey fast. Do your research to find a water filter that will meet your own specific needs without breaking the bank.
  • Consider a filter that removes flavors and odors from your water – Many people are concerned about the taste and smell of their water, and if this is something that you wish to correct, you may need to look for a carbon water filter. Carbon water filters are particularly good at removing chlorine and other man-made chemicals from drinking water.


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