How to Install a Fireplace this Winter

Now that the weather has taken a turn for the cold, as winter settles in, many people are investing in a New Year fireplace. If you don’t have an existing fireplace but have natural gas access, you can easily have gas pipes set up to host a cozy gas fireplace. If your home doesn’t currently have a fireplace, you can install one in just a few steps!

#1 Mock Fireplace

We recommend you build a mock fireplace out of cardboard so that you can place it in various spaces until you find the spot that fits. While moving it around to find the right place, you can use painter’s tape to mark the hearth and any framing. Making a mock fireplace helps you to visualize how much space it will take up once the fireplace and its clearance are taken into account. With a mockup, you can even frame out the mantle, flooring, and any frame you may be adding. The most important benefit of building a mock-up is you can plan vents, pipes, or electrical outlets properly or workaround existing ones.


#2 Prep for Installation

If required, call local building inspection department to obtain any required permits. Now is also the time to call your local plumber to run a gas line to your new fireplace. Disconnect or relocate any electrical boxes or outlets that would be covered by the fireplace. You can use wood to frame out the fireplace, including making a platform. Install a vent, that is kept away from insulation. In some cases, a metal shield must be installed to help divert heat.

# 3 Installation

Now comes the difficult part; it is time to install the fireplace! Follow the instructions on your specific fireplace directions to correctly install your fireplace. If you need help, a local handyman or an expert plumber at Culler Plumber Services of Fairview Heights. This is one project, that if you are not fully confident, should be left to the professionals!

#4 Construct the Surround


Once all of the installation of the fireplace is complete and all the logistics, as it relates to your home’s structural integrity, have been taken into account, you can begin the external building. What the surround consists of is up to your own project specifications. If you are building a hearth, that is a good place to start. Frame out your wall surround and be sure it covers all vents, pipes, or cords. Next, add the mantle and do any decorative work to make your new fireplace the focal point it deserves to be. Finally, grab a throw and your favorite hot beverage, then curl up and enjoy the benefits of your hard work!

Never attempt to take on a gas line project yourself. When you are considering installing a new gas fireplace to keep your home warm this winter, turn to your experienced, local plumber! Our Fairview Heights area plumber installs gas fireplaces and can handle all your gas line work for any home improvement project involving your gas lines. In addition to being honest and hardworking, we are licensed, bonded, and insured.