In our last couple of blogs, our plumber discussed a few easy tips on how to get rid of a stubborn clog in your toilet. If you have tried these steps, but you still have a clog, then it is time to start plunging! However, if you want to avoid a big mess and a huge headache, then you need to know how to plunge your toilet correctly. The following is a list of helpful tips from our Edwardsville plumber on how to properly plunge your toilet: How to properly flush your toilet from how Edwardsville plumber.

  • Get your plunger warmed up- If your plunger is stiff, it won’t work as well. To get it soft and ready to take on the job at hand, you should run some hot water over it. This will make your plunger softer so that you can form a seal more effectively.
  • Insert your plunger slowly, but firmly- The goal is to completely cover the hole and form a tight seal. You will want to ensure that there is water in your toilet bowl at this time, because your plunger needs to use water to push and pull rather than air in order to work properly. If necessary, you can add a little bit of water to your bowl.
  • Pump your plunger- Pump straight up and down, but make sure that your plunger is still sealed around the hole.
  • Listen- You should be able to hear your clog start to loosen. When this happens you can lift your plunger out of the toilet and flush it!

If you have tried to plunge on your own without success, then it is time to contact Culler Plumbing Services to get the job done for you.