Plumbing issues of all sorts happen every single day. There are some people that treat every plumbing issue as if it is an easy-to-fix DIY project, while some people think that even the smallest issue is a full-out emergency. At Culler Plumber Services, we believe that in order to protect your plumbing system, your safety and your wallet, it is important for you to know the difference between a real emergency and something that you may be able to fix on your own. That is why our East. St. Louis plumber has come up with this list of real-life plumbing emergencies:

  • Water leaks- If you come home to find water up to your knees, it is pretty obvious that you have an emergency, but not every water leak is so obviously an emergency. It is important to remember that any water leak, even a small one, could cause a great deal of damage and waste a lot of water.
  • Gas leaks- Gas leaks are one of the most dangerous plumbing issues you could possibly have. Gas leaks are extremely dangerous to attempt to fix on your own, so it is important to get the help you need right away.
  • No heat- Sometimes your heat could be turned off due to your thermostat being set incorrectly or a trip in your circuit breaker. If there isn’t anything obviously wrong with your heating system, like either of the above issues, you will need to get help right away. If you have a gas heating system and it has stopped working, you may have big problems.