Is your home ready for the bitter cold winter that is ahead? There are many tasks that need to be completed to protect your home and your pipes this winter. A key piece of the puzzle is properly preparing your outside hose bibs for winter. We have the best plumber in Fariview Heights, and we can help!

For a lot of us, our outside faucets do not even get a second thought during the winter, but they can come with consequences if you do not properly winterize them. Water in these faucets can freeze, which can lead to your pipes getting stretched, and can even cause them to eventually burst. If you have ever had your pipes burst, you know that it can be expensive and incredibly frustrating. Do not take this chance. Get your outside water bibs properly winterized by the best plumber in Fairview Heights.

It is already December, but it isn’t too late to have an experienced plumber winterize your outdoor faucets. We have over 20 years of experience and we can make sure that your home is ready for the cold weather ahead. If you are a new customer with us, you can enjoy $50 off right now! Do not wait for your pipes to burst, schedule your appointment today!