Unclog your toilet like an East St. Louis plumber.

Toilet clogs are an unfortunate reality for all of us at some point or another. To make matters even worse, they tend to happen when we are least prepared for them. In our last blog, we went over a couple of tips on how to unclog your toilet like your go-to plumber, but we ran out of time! If you have been dying to know the rest of these tips, then you are in luck! The following is a list of tips from our East St. Louis plumber on how to unclog your toilet like an expert:

  • Add hot water to your bowl- After a few minutes the hot water will help to liquefy the fat in the clog and break it up. This will help to make plunging easier, and it may even get rid of the clog without you ever having to touch your plunger!
  • Add some dish soap- If the hot water doesn’t properly remove your stubborn clog, there is one more thing that you can try before you reach for the plunger, dish soap. The dish soap can help to break apart the clog even further.

You can try flushing after your hot water and soap have been sitting for a few minutes, but be ready to close the toilet flapper, just in case. If you have tried all of these tips and your clog still won’t budge, then it is time to start plunging! Learn how to plunge like plumber by reading our next blog!