Your plumbing is the backbone of your home, and you rely on it for almost everything day after day. If want to keep your plumbing running smoothly, then you need to understand how to recognize issues before the damage gets overly expensive. In the last blog by our East St. Louis plumber, we discussed a few of the many signs of damage that you should look for. The following is the rest of your visual plumbing checklist:

  • Check for mildew. If you notice any mildew in your home for no reason, then your plumbing is probably behind it. Seeping water that causes mildew is a sign of a big problem.
  • Periodically take the lid off of your toilet and look into the tank. Be on the lookout for any broken parts or any parts that are turning a rust color. If you notice anything, it should be replaced as soon as possible.
  • Check out the caulking in your home. Look for any areas that aren’t sealed any longer.
  • Press on the walls near your sinks and your bathtub in order to keep an eye out for leaking water that could cause structural damage in your home.
  • Look for any signs of dripping in all of your faucets that are turned off completely.
  • Make sure that the water in your toilet is flushing and replenishing properly by flushing your toilet and keeping a close eye on it.

Unfortunately, we are out of time! For more issues to watch out for in your plumbing system, please check back next week for our next blog.