Leaky toilet happen all too often, and they are the most common reasons for a water leak in your home. Leaky toilets can be messy, frustrating, and they can add quite a chunk of change onto your monthly water bill.  There are many reasons for a toilet to leak and they can range from a rusty pipe, to a worn washer, to a cracked bowl, and in almost all cases a professional should be called. If you have a leaky toilet turn to Culler Plumbing Services. We provide professional and affordable plumbing repair in Collinsville.

You may be wondering, “How do I know if my toilet is leaking?” There are many indications of a leaking toilet. You may notice water running into the bowl, even after the toilet has been flushed. You might find that your toilet simply won’t flush at all. The handle may be loose or you may notice mold spots starting to form on the wall behind your toilet. These are just a few of the indications of a leaky toilet, so if you notice that you toilet is malfunctioning at all, it is always a good idea to contact a professional. The consequences of ignoring a leaky toilet could be mold, property damage, or simply money wasted on an expensive water bill.

If there is any indication that your toilet may be leaking contact us right away. We are your go to Collinsville Plumber for any and all plumbing issues and we are always happy to help. Right now is the perfect time to call because we are offering a coupon for  $50 off your first plumbing service. Call us today for your free estimate.