There’s nothing more frustrating than low water pressure!

Low water pressure can make a lot of things more difficult. Whether you are doing the laundry, cleaning the kitchen or taking a shower, low water pressure will make it that much more difficult. Before you can fix your low water pressure, you need to first figure out what is causing it, and there are many things that can cause low water pressure. If you haven’t already, check out our Collinsville plumber’s latest blog to learn about the first couple of low water pressure causes we’ve discussed. Keep reading to learn more!

#3. Corrosion Inside Piping

Even if your pipe systems are steel or galvanized, the inside of pipes can start to corrode over time, blocking off some of the water flow to your home. Unfortunately, there aren’t usually many repair options, but you could have your pipes replaced to fix the problem. The best way to tell if your pipes are corroded is by turning to our experts for a camera inspection.

#4. Malfunctions with Municipal Water Supply

Occasionally, low water pressure has nothing to do with your own plumbing system. If there is a malfunction in the municipal water supply in your area, you may notice a change in your water pressure. Just like your own plumbing system is subject to leaks and other issues, so is the municipal water system. Luckily, it’s easy to find out if this is what’s causing your low water pressure because all you have to do is call them!

Having trouble figuring out what is causing your low water pressure? Give us a call today! We are happy to help.