In our previous blog, we talked about how to detect plumbing leaks inside and outside of your home. In this blog, we will be talking about one of the main causes for plumbing leaks, faulty pipes. Pipes, just like anything else, can start to break down over time, especially when you are adding stress to them. Replacing your pipes can get pricey fast, so you’re best bet is to protect your pipes from the get-go! That is why our Collinsville plumber has come up with this tip to help you to preserve your pipes and reduce stress:

  • Check your water pressure – There’s nothing like great water pressure in the shower, but high water pressure can cause more harm than good for your home. High water pressure can put extra stress on your faucets and the joints of your pipes. It can also make your appliances have to work a lot harder than they should as well. Check your water pressure with a hose bib gauge. You can purchase a hose bib gauge at your local hardware store for only around $10. Attack your gauge to an outside hose bib and open your water line. The pressure should register at 85 psi at the most. If your water pressure is higher than 85 psi, it is probably time to contact a plumber about a pressure reducer.

Water pressure is just one of the things that can put unnecessary stress on your pipes. Learn about how hard water can hurt your pipes by staying tuned for our next blog!