We all rely on our hot water day in and day out. There is nothing quite like dragging yourself out of your warm comfortable bed into a relaxing, steaming shower. Imagine life without a hot water heater! Suddenly, those morning showers aren’t so relaxing anymore! So, when your water heater stops working, you need to know whether it is worth it to get it repaired or if it is time to replace it. In our last blog, we went over a couple of things to think about to answer this question: the severity of the problem and the age of your water heater. The following is a list from our Collinsville plumber of more things to consider:

  • Maintenance – Only you know how well you’ve maintained your hot water heater over the years. Regular maintenance is one of the best indicators of how long a water heater will last, so if you know you haven’t cared for yours very well, replacement may not be a bad idea. Keep in mind that maintenance isn’t the only thing that can determine how long a water heater lasts. Heavy use, hard water, improper installation and extreme weather can all cause a water heater to age prematurely. 

Repair or replace? That is the question. Learn about the final couple of things that you should consider in order to tell if you should repair your hot water heater or replace it. If you would love to learn more, please be sure to stay tuned for our next blog!