Dirty water coming out of your tap? We can help!

Have you noticed black specks or other debris floating around in your tap water? If so, it’s time to nail down what’s causing the problem and start correcting it. In our last blog, our Collinsville plumber went over a couple of common causes of dirty water. Keep reading to learn about the last few possible causes of dirty water in your home:

#3. Bits of rubber from your plumbing system. 

Rubber tubes are often found in specific parts of a typical home plumbing system. Sometimes, the rubber can start to break down and send rubber particles into your water. This is especially common in homes that have water treated with chlorine, as chlorine will break down the rubber more quickly. If you find bits of rubber in your water, you should contact a plumber to have the tubes replaced.

#4. Minerals from your municipal water supply.

Water from certain parts of the state may contain minerals, like iron or manganese, which can show up as black specks in your water. Luckily, these minerals aren’t harmful to people or pets, but they can give the water an odd taste and make it difficult to wash laundry or do the dishes. You’ll be glad to know that this is easily fixed by installing a water softener to remove the minerals.

#5. Rust from corroded pipes or the municipal water supply.

It’s not uncommon to find small bits of rust in your water. While a bit of rust won’t harm you, it is a sign that you could have corroded pipes. Rust is also commonly from the municipal water supply. If you find rust in your water, contact a plumber so that they can determine what is causing the problem.