In our latest blog, we talked about common signs that you have a sewer clog. Sewer clogs are no fun to have to deal with, even with all of the professional help from the Edwardsville plumbers at Culler Plumbing Services. No one wants to have to deal with the repercussions of a sewer clog or, even worse, a backed up sewer, and that is why our experts have come up with this list of tips to prevent sewer clogs:

  • Replace old pipes – Pipes won’t last forever, and if you live in an older home, you may have lead or clay pipes that need to be replaced. Getting your pipes replaced may seem like a big project, but it is actually a lot easier than dealing with a more serious clog.
  • Keep plants away from your sewer lines – One of the most common causes of a damaged sewer line is roots from bushes and trees that have grown into pipes. When you plant new trees and bushes, keep them far away from your sewer lines.
  • Get your sewer lines cleaned and inspected regularly – As a general rule, get your sewer lines inspected and cleaned on an annual basis. However, if your sewer system is more susceptible to clogs, you might want to think about getting your system cleaned much more often.

Preventing clogs will save you money and a whole lot of frustration, but sometimes clogs happen anyway. Don’t try to deal with a sewer clog on your own. Turn to the experts at Culler Plumbing Services to get the help you need.