Summer is in full swing. While we are all enjoying the sunny afternoons and the beautiful weather, there is one part of your home that may not be enjoying the summer so much –your plumbing. Did you know that there are lots of plumbing issues that can happen during the summertime? In order to be prepared to handle whatever plumbing problems may come up, you need to understand what problems can occur. That is why our Edwardsville plumber has come up with this list of the most common summer plumbing issues:

  • Disposal clogs- We all love to stock our refrigerators with fresh produce during the summer months. Who can resist the sweetness of  delicious strawberries or the tastiness of grilled asparagus? While all of that produce may be great for you, it isn’t so great for your garbage disposal. Putting your uneaten produce down the garbage disposal can damage the blade, and even lead to frustrating clogs. You can avoid this by paying attention to what you put down your garbage disposal. 
  • Sewer backups- Summer rain is a pretty common thing in our neck of the woods. All of that additional water may be great for your garden, but it can quickly overwhelm your plumbing and lead to sewer backups. You can prevent sewer backups by having our plumber install a sump pump in your basement.

These are just a couple of the most common plumbing issues that can effectively ruin your summer. Read about the rest of the typical summertime plumbing problems by staying tuned for our next blog.