Each summer, our Edwardsville plumber is kept busy with calls from local residents and their summertime plumbing woes. A few years back, he published an article on the topic, Most Common Summer Plumbing Issues From Our Edwardsville Plumber. hoping to help local residents thwart summer plumbing emergencies and prevent that search for “emergency plumber in Edwardsville.” Don’t get us wrong, he enjoys the business! It’s just that he’d much rather be providing your residential plumbing system with the maintenance and upkeep it needs to prevent breaking down and causing a plumbing emergency! Join us in today’s post as we revisit our Edwardsville plumbers previous post for a 2019 update.

Burst Pipes

One of the most common plumbing issues in the summer is burst pipes. With expanding water in winter, we would expect it to be then. But, summertime offers the opportunity for much more water flowing through the pipes and more opportunities for clogs. When clogs are present with more water than can be handled, it’s a perfect recipe for disaster.

You can prevent this summertime woe in a few easy steps. One, be kind to your pipes, avoid putting anything in them that shouldn’t be there. And, if you notice a slow drain or a backup, treat it right away.
At Culler Plumbing Service, we offer drain cleaning and camera-guided inspections that allow us to identify and correct small issues before they become big problems.

Broken Outside Hose Bib

It would make sense that your outside faucet would be more likely to experience issues in the summer than the winter because hopefully your hose bibs are disconnected and winterized during the freezing months. In summer, however, they get much more use and attention. A common plumbing problem that requires a local plumber in Edwardsville is broken or leaking outside hose bibs.

To prevent this common plumbing problem from happening at your house, make sure it is installed and functioning properly and that you and your family are using it properly. Something we see quite often is a hose that has been turned on with either a trigger handle attached or a kink in the line that prevents water flowing out of the hose, but can cause it to back up at the source. Or, sometimes a hose is not properly connected, causing leaks at the connection point. Because your hose bib is located in your home’s foundation, a small leak can lead to big problems.
At Culler Plumbing Service, we install, repair, and maintain outdoor hose bibs and would be happy to make sure yours is functioning properly.

Toilet Clogs and Septic Backups

Summertime invites more activity and guests in and out of your home. The typical family is bathing and toileting more frequently than in the winter. If your septic or sewer system was already borderline full or if the wrong items are introduced into the system, it can cause big problems.

Help prevent a plumbing emergency by cleaning your septic tank regularly and avoid putting anything that shouldn’t be flushed into the toilet. For more information on what those things are, read our post on the subject.
At Culler Plumbing Services, our Edwardsville plumber can inspect, clean, and repair your septic system and relieve any stubborn toilet clogs that threaten to cause a backup.

We hope that these tips will help keep your summer full of backyard bar-b-ques and enjoying the sunshine rather than searching for a local 24-hour plumbing company. For any of the plumbing services mentioned here, as well as any others, contact the plumbing experts at Culler Plumbing Services.