Clogs can be a drain, but you should never rely on chemical drain cleaners.

No one wants to have to deal with a clog, and we know how tempting those chemical drain cleaners can be. After all, it is much easier to simply pour a bit of drain cleaner down the drain than it is to call a plumber, but you should avoid chemical drain cleaners at all costs. The following is a list from our emergency plumber in Belleville of a few of the many reasons to just say no to chemical drain cleaners:

#1. Drain cleaners can damage your pipes.

The chemicals found in drain cleaners are so powerful that they not only dissolve clogs, they can also eat away at your pipes! If you use chemical drain cleaners too often, it can even cause holes to form in your pipes that can create serious issues down the road.

#2. Drain cleaners can cause burns.

If any drain cleaner comes in contact with your skin or your eyes, you could get serious chemical burns. Even if you just get a small drip or splash of drain cleaner on your skin, you could still damage your skin if you don’t wash it off immediately.

#3. Drain cleaners are highly toxic.

The chemicals that drain cleaners contain dangerously high toxicity levels. The fumes produced by drain cleaners can linger in the air, and they are toxic when inhaled and can burn your eyes.

Would you like to learn more reasons to just say no to chemical drain cleaners? If so, please stay tuned for our next blog.