When you need pipe repair, it’s important to get it ASAP, but how can you, if you don’t know that you need it in the first place?

Pipe repair is one of those things that you should never procrastinate on. If you put off the repairs you need for too long, you’ll likely end up with a much more serious problem on your hands. But since your pipes are located under the floors and in the walls, the signs that you need repair aren’t always easy to spot. That’s why our emergency plumber in Belleville has come up with this list of warning signs that you need pipe repair:

#1. Your water pressure is low.

Does the water pressure seem low when you take a shower or wash the dishes? Low water pressure can be caused by many different things, but if it is suddenly and abnormally low, it could be a sign of an issue with one of your pipes, which could even include pipe failure.

#2. Your water is contaminated.

Have you noticed that your water looks murky? If so, there may be an issue with one of your pipes. A broken pipe can cause water contamination, even if you have a water filtration system in place, and for your health and safety, it’s important to get the pipe repairs you need right away.


#3. Your home has a musty odor.

If your pipes have been leaking for very long, mold and mildew growth will likely follow, as well as the musty odor it brings. Mold can increase the severity of certain respiratory problems, and if you notice a musty smell in your home, it’s a red flag that your pipes need to be repaired as soon as you can.

#4. Your water bill is higher than normal.

Do you take the time to really read your water bill? If you don’t, you should. A higher-than-normal water bill is one of the telltale signs of a plumbing leak in your home. Even if the leak is small and seemingly unsubstantial, it can make a noticeable difference in your water bill. So, make sure that, from now on, you really look at your water bill instead of just paying it without a second thought.

#5. Your drains are slow moving.

When you take a shower, brush your teeth or do the dishes, do you have to wait for what feels like a million years for the water to go down the drain? While the problem could, of course, be the drain itself, there is also a possibility that a pipe is clogged in your home. Don’t try to fix this with chemical drain cleaners; they can destroy your pipes. Instead, get the pipe repair you need by hiring a professional.

You don’t necessarily need to be able to physically see your pipes to spot the need for pipe repairs. If you’ve noticed any of the above warning signs in your home, please do not put off the repairs you need. The longer you wait, the worse the problem will get and the more expensive it will be to repair. Contact us today to learn more.