There’s nothing like the accomplishment you feel after completing a DIY home improvement project. DIY repairs can save you a whole lot of money if they are done correctly, but if you make a mistake, you may make the entire problem even worse! Our Fairview Heights plumber wants you to be aware of common DIY plumbing mistakes so that you can save yourself in time, money and damage to your home! So, without further ado, here is our list of the most common DIY plumbing mistakes that you should avoid at all costs:

#1. Using drain cleaner or too much drain cleaner.

There is no better way to corrode your pipes than by using a chemical drain cleaner. It’s best to avoid drain cleaner altogether, but if you have to use it, don’t over do it. Learn about the right way to unclog your drains by reading this blog post from our experts. If you can’t unclog the drain yourself, don’t risk using drain cleaner, instead call a professional plumber!


#2. Forgetting to shut off the water.

When you are working on a specific fixture or appliance, the best way to avoid be surprised be a flood is to shut off the water beforehand. Unfortunately, many DIY plumbing novices forget this step and end up with a big mess to clean up that could be potentially damaging to their home.

intext3#3. Not checking local code.

There are many local building codes in place, which include plumbing rules and regulations that go over approved materials, legal configurations and more. Codes help to protect homeowners against cheap, quick-fixes that can lead to more trouble down the line. Check the code before attempting any DIY plumbing projects.

Learn about more common DIY plumbing mistakes by staying tuned for our next blog.