Don’t want to spend the money on hiring a professional Granite City plumber for your plumbing issues? The good news is that there are many common plumbing issues that you can fix yourself, even if you aren’t overly handy around the house. However, before you attempt any plumbing projects, there are a few things that all DIY plumber should know:

#1. How to turn off the water.

Many plumbing projects require you to turn off the water before you do anything else, and if you have ever had to deal with a flood in your home because you forgot this step, you know how important it is. Knowing where and how to turn off the water in your home is the first step to a successful, DIY plumbing job.

#2. How to turn off the gas. 

Let us preface this by saying that you should NEVER attempt to work on your home’s gas pipes by yourself. Gas is incredibly dangerous, so you should always turn to a professional. However, gas leaks happen, and if you suspect you have one, it is important to know how and where to turn off the gas. Keep in mind that if you have a leak, turn off the gas right away and get to a safe location. Let your gas company or a plumber investigate the source of the leak later on.

#3. When to call in a professional. 

No matter how much you know about plumbing, some projects require a professional. If you attempt these kinds of projects on your own, you could make the problem worse or even put yourself in danger. Check out our previous blog to learn when to call a plumber.