In our last blog, our Granite City plumber went over what hard water is and a few of the main problems that it can cause for your plumbing. Unfortunately, if you don’t know what to look for, hard water can be difficult to spot, and before you know it, you could have an expensive problem on your hands! Luckily, Culler Plumbing Services has your back! The following is a list of the top signs that you have hard water in your home:

  • Stained or foggy dishes- It is common for homes with hard water to end up with fogginess or stains on glasses and dishes after they’ve been washed. Typically these stains are difficult to remove, and they are present even after your glasses and dishes have been thoroughly cleaned.
  • White residue on faucets- When the minerals in hard water come into contact with your faucets, a white film is often left behind. Though this impact is relatively harmless, over time it can cause damage to your faucets.
  • Dry skin and hair- Hard water doesn’t do a very good job of rinsing away the soap from your body or hair, and it usually leaves behind a film, which can cause your skin or you hair to be unusually dry.
  • High water heating costs- The mineral deposits from hard water are often left behind in water heaters. Those minerals can quickly build up and cause your water heater to run inefficiently.
  • Pipes that need frequent repairs- The minerals from hard water can build up inside your pipes, causing them to clog easily and need repairs frequently.