In our latest blog, we went over a few tips for preventing clogs in your drains. If you haven’t had a chance to read that blog yet, you will be glad to know that we talked about cleaning your drains regularly and using your garbage disposal wisely. Our experienced Granite City plumber has just a few more tips for you to keep your drains clog-free:

  • Keep screens or strainers clean and in place – Screens and strainers in your sinks go a long way for keeping large chunks of food and other stuff out of your pipes, so it is important to keep them in place. However, if they are dirty, they could cause your drain to work very slowly, so be sure to scrub them often!
  • Use hot water – About once a week, you should pour a few cups of hot water down your drains. If there is grease or fat in your pipes, the hot water will help to melt it, and the water’s weight will go along way to flush any clogs that may be building up in your pipes.
  • Clean out bathtub stoppers – Bathtub stoppers are a popular source for hair, soap residue, body oil and bacteria to build up, which can easily get washed down your drain and cause a clog. Every few days, clean out the stopper, and wash a half cup of baking soda, a half cup of vinegar and some boiling water down your drain to keep it clean.

Although our tips can really help to keep your drains clog free, sometimes clogs are inevitable. In situations like these, turn to Culler Plumbing Services. Contact us today!