Plumbing has come a long way.

Plumbing isn’t what it used to be. New techniques and technology have made it so much easier for your Granite City plumber to detect problems in even the most hard-to-reach areas. One of the most exciting advances in the plumbing world is camera inspection. During a camera inspection, a small camera is inserted into your pipes. The video feed is transmitted real-time to a monitor so that your plumber can effectively track down any issues that may exist. Now you know what camera inspections involve, it is time to learn about why you should consider getting one. The following is a list of the top three reasons to get a sewer camera inspection:

#1. Detect a buildup of grease. 

Over time, oil, grease, and sediment can start to build up inside of your pipes, which can lead to a plethora of plumbing issues. Signs that you have a grease buildup include slow draining sinks or a toilet that backs up frequently. Camera inspections can narrow down the exact location of the buildup.

#2. Prevent expensive issues. 

Pipes can deteriorate or become corroded over time, which can lead to big, expensive plumbing issues. It is much easier and more affordable to catch these issues before they become big problems. The best way to detect these kinds of issues is with a sewer camera inspection.

#3. Increased accuracy. 

Without a camera inspection, a plumber can tell that a problem exists, but it is nearly impossible to detect the exact location of the issue. Camera inspections allow our plumbers to narrow down the specific location of the problem, saving you in both time and money.