A springtime full of rain sets your lawn up for summertime success, laying the moisture foundation that your plants need to not only survive in, but thrive this summer. While the green thumbs in the bunch may be excited about a spring full of heavy downpours, most homeowners know that there is such thing as too much of a good thing! Join us in today’s post as we discuss some of the impacts heavy rain can have on your lawn and home and what you (with the help of us!) can do about it.

In Metro East Illinois, our large deciduous trees offer protective shade, the oxygen we need, and beautiful bushy leaves. However, if you skipped you fall chores of raking these leaves and cleaning them out of your gutters, once the snow fell, it was trapped and now you likely have a soggy mess on your hands. It is true that some of these leaves may have helped to protect your grass underneath by affording a thin layer of insulation, however, it can also be suffocating your lawn. These leaves can contribute to springtime flooding.

Maintain your gutters.

Whether or not you cleared the leaves out of your gutters in the fall, it is a good idea to revisit the chore of cleaning out your gutters in the spring. Additionally, if any of the arms of your gutter system have bent, become clogged, or are removed, make sure to replace them as soon as possible. The gutter arms are what keep the water away from your foundation, helping to prevent basement leaks.

At Culler Plumbing Service, gutter cleaning is not one of the services our technicians offer, but water jetting is. So, if the roots, debris, and sludge that was caught in your gutters make it into your pipes, we can jet it out.

Manage your septic system.

Your septic system is, for the most part, reliable and low maintenance. However, it does require regular cleaning and maintenance. If your septic system is not properly maintained, it can cause a backup and flood your leach field. When this happens in the damp springtime, it is common to misidentify this issue as a problem with your irrigation system or an accumulation of poorly draining rainwater. Keep your septic system healthy with the help of septic services from Culler Plumbing Services. We can inspect, clean, and repair your septic or sewer system. We even offer excavation services to reduce damage to your home.

Inspect your sump pump.

If you have a basement or crawlspace, you likely have a sump pump somewhere down there. Sump pumps are found in the deepest corner of the underground space, where water would collect. The sump pump’s job is to pump up water that has accumulated and then move it somewhere safer. This helps to protect your foundation and prevent flooding of basements or crawl space. At Culler Plumbing Services, we can inspect and repair your sump pump and sewer ejector.

Maintain your outside hose bib.

Your outside hose bib is the faucet that allows your inside plumbing system to be used out of doors. It is not uncommon for these hose bibs to freeze and crack if not properly cared for prior to the season’s first freeze. In the spring, when it thaws, this can cause a leak either inside or outside, or both. At Culler Plumbing Service, we can inspect and repair your outside hose bib and treat any breaks or leaks we find.

Here are a few things you should know about heavy rainfall and how it should and should not affect our home and lawn.

Heavy rain may cause puddles, but should still flow freely away from your home. Pooling water indicates a problem that may include your plumbing system.
Heavy rain should not cause indoor flooding. If your home has water collecting inside, look into other causes — roof, faulty sump pump, etc.
Weather does not cause backed up toilets or your appliances to malfunction, if these things happen, contact your local plumber, regardless of the weather.
Trapped water will continue to accumulate. If heavy rains are causing areas of standing water that threaten your home, do not wait until the rain stops to contact your local plumbing company.

At Culler Plumbing Services, we can help with nearly every situation that causes springtime flooding inside or outside your home. If you notice an excess of water hanging around where it should not be, contact us right away. If it is something that can wait until normal business hours, we will schedule you an appointment. Otherwise, we have 24-hour plumbers on standby, waiting to help with your plumbing emergency and get water back to where it is supposed to be. Contact us today!