fun-facts-featuredWhen it comes to plumbing, there are many interesting and fun facts to learn.

To most people, plumbing is about an interesting as plain, white bread, but believe it or not, there are many fun and interesting things to learn where plumbing is concerned. At Culler Plumbing Services, we are proud to say that we have been providing plumbing services to the good people of Belleville and the surrounding areas for more than 20 years, but we don’t stop there! We also want to share our plumbing knowledge with you!

The Top 10 Most Interesting Plumbing Facts

  1. Contrary to popular belief, indoor plumbing has been around for centuries. In fact, at the Pyramid of Cheops, which is in Egypt, they discovered a portion of an ancient plumbing system. They also found evidence of indoor plumbing in palaces in Egypt that date all the way back to 2500 B.C.E.
  2. Do you always put your toilet paper on the dispenser the same way? A study that cost over $100,000 was conducted to determine if most people put their toilet paper on the dispenser with the flap in the back or the front. Turns out, three out of four Americans put the flap in the front.
  3. Did you know that Americans flush their toilets more often during the halftime of the Super Bowl than any other time of the year? That’s not all that surprising when you realize that Americans drink over 325 million gallons of beer and eat a billion chicken wings, 28 millions pounds of chips and enough guacamole to spread over an entire football field and still be almost 12 feet deep.
  4. einsteinAlbert Einstein, arguably the most well-known genius in the world, said publicly that if he could do life all over again, he would have been a plumber. Because of this, he was made an honorary member by the Plumbers and Steamfitters Union.
  5. Americans have some of the most chemical-rich urine of any nation. As much as 90 percent of the pharmaceuticals we take are excreted through urine. The EPA has even found fish that contain traces amounts of pain relievers, estrogen, caffeine, antibiotics and antidepressants.
  6. Today, copper piping is the most common material used in plumbing work, and it’s the same material that was used by the Egyptians to lay their own pipes around 3,000 years ago.
  7. Although “the John” was invented by (and named for) John Harrington in 1596, many people mistakenly believe that the toilet was invented by a man named Thomas Crapper. While Thomas didn’t invent the toilet, the name, “The Crapper,” is something we still call toilets today in his honor.
  8. The word “plumber” actually comes from the word, “plumbum,” which is Latin for lead.
  9. If your faucet drips just one time per second, it can add up to more than 3,000 gallons of wasted water in a single year.
  10. Mario and Luigi are, hands down, the most famous plumbers in the entire world, and since their invention in 1985 by Mario bros, those little plumbers have appeared in over 200 games.

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