Did you know that plumbing leaks can actually invite nasty pests into your home?

If you’ve ready many of our previous blogs, then you already know that the subject of plumbing leaks is not new to us. We’ve discussed the importance of addressing plumbing leaks right away many times, but if you need yet another reason, you might be surprised to know that plumbing leaks can actually attract creepy, crawly rodents, insects and other pests into your home.

How do plumbing leaks attract pests?

Pests need water to survive, just like you and me. That’s why bathtubs and sinks are common places to find individual pests looking for droplets of water. However, when there is a plumbing leak in your home, there is quite a bit of water, and since these leaks are usually well hidden, they make the perfect place for many different pests to move in and get comfortable.

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