Summer brings about many unique plumbing issues.

Not many people realize it, but the summer can actually be very hard on your plumbing system. There are many reasons for this, including long vacations, an increase in water usage, an increase in plumbing usage and many more. If you want to avoid having to take advantage of our emergency plumbing services in Belleville, there are a few things you’ll need to do to keep your plumbing in great shape this summer. The following is our list of plumbing maintenance tips for your summer:

#1. Keep an eye on your washing machine.

Summer is a great time for outdoor activities, like camping, hiking, swimming, etc., but unfortunately, all of those activities lead to an increase in laundry. This increase in laundry may make it difficult for your washing machine to keep up, so make sure that you keep an eye out on it. Check the hoses for any cracks, leaks or bulges, and leave a few inches between your wall and your machine to avoid kinking or damaging the hoses.

#2. Know what not to put down your garbage disposal.

Since food is mostly water, it’s easy to think that the garbage disposal is the ideal place to put your food waste, but you need to be careful not to put anything in your garbage disposal that could damage it. Check out our previous post for a complete list of what not to put down your garbage disposal.

Learn more summer maintenance tips for your plumbing when you stay tuned for our next blog.