Professional Drain Cleaning in East Illinois

Clogged drains happen all too often, and they are one of the most common plumbing issues for homeowners and plumbers alike. Drains clog for a variety of reasons, but no matter why you have a clog, you need to know that you have someone that you can turn to to get it resolved. While you may attempt to unclog the minor drain and pipe clogs yourself, large or stubborn ones require more intervention — that is where we come in! We are Culler Plumbing Services, and we offer both emergency plumbing and routine drain cleaning services so that we can best meet each and every one of your needs.

When you rely on Culler Plumbing to get your drain cleaned, you can rest assured that it is done correctly the first time. Our plumbing professionals have a truck stocked with all of the latest and most innovative plumbing tools and technology so that no matter how serious your clog is, we have what we need to take care of it for you, no trips to the hardware store required. When you need us, we will be there, ready to help!

You don’t have to wait until you have an emergency to give us a call for drain cleaning. If you are having to fix clogs regularly or deal with a slow drain, chances are, something isn’t right. Don’t try to correct the problem yourself with harsh chemical cleaners, because they can be dangerous if they come in contact with your skin, and if you use them several times, you can weaken and damage your pipes. Instead, give the experts at Culler Plumbing a call as soon as you notice the first sign of a sluggish drain!

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Clogged Drains Cause Big Problems

Most of the time a sluggish or clogged drain is viewed by homeowners as a simple annoyance but can cause big problems. The health of your family is one thing that can be compromised when drain cleaning is not done routinely. In your kitchen, there is likely quite a bit of food particles that have been washed down the drain, which can easily create a breeding ground for bacteria that can lead to food-borne illnesses. In your bathroom, there is probably a buildup from the oils in your makeup, lotions, and skin creams in your sink drain, which can lead to mold growth. And, when your toilets and septic system is not properly cared for, backup of excrement can cause serious health concerns. For the health, safety, and comfort of your family, it is important to know when to call a plumber for drain cleaning services.

The majority of your drain system is hidden out of sight, in the complex pipe system and underground outside of your home, so it can be difficult to tell exactly what and where the problem is when your drain has issues. A simple clogged drain can require just an easy do-it-yourself fix or it could be a much more serious issue, which requires the skilled expertise of your local plumber. Warning signs that you may be in need of a professional plumber to clean your drains include:

  • Sluggish drain,
  • Clogged drain, or
  • Backed up drain.

All too commonly, homeowners assume that just because something appears simple, it can be done by anyone. However, when it comes to drain cleaning, that is not the case! It’s easy to end up with a lot more damage than you started with if you attempt to clean your drains on your own and end up doing it incorrectly. Some common mistakes that homeowners make when attempting to clean their own drains include:

  • Too much water pressure — can cause pipes to burst or total system backup.
  • Using harsh chemicals — can cause damage to the system and a serious health concern.
  • Disconnecting pipes — leads to leaks and severe water damage.
  • Using foreign objects — can cause severe system damage and worsen clogs.

In fact, at Culler Plumbing Services, we get a lot of plumbing service request calls all the time from people who attempt their own drain cleaning. Get the job done safely, quickly, and effectively by turning to our skilled local plumbers.

To help your residential plumbing system to keep flowing properly we offer water-jetting services, garbage disposal cleaning and repair, toilet plumbing and repairs, faucet repair and replacement septic system maintenance and repair, and drain cleaning service.

You rely on your drains to carry wastewater away from your home, but they can easily become blocked or clogged. If you have tried everything and your drains aren’t flowing properly, it is time to contact your local plumber at Culler Plumbing Services! Our plumbing technicians charge by the job, not by the hour, so you can rest assured that your drain cleaning job is being done as quickly as possible and you won’t be surprised by unanticipated charges. To save on your drain cleaning services, check our coupons and promotions page before scheduling your service. Contact us for your free estimate and schedule your services today!

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Tips For Fixing a Clogged Drain

There are plenty of options you have when it comes to fixing a clogged drain in your home. If your water is slowly draining or not draining at all, consider one of these home remedies:

Home Concoctions:
We recommend steering clear of caustic commercial drain cleaning products that can cause damage to the insides of your pipes and drains, and pose a threat to humans and pets that come in contact with it. Instead, try some baking soda + vinegar. Allow the concoction to sit in the drain for 20 to 30 minutes and then run warm water to flush it through.

Your plunger is the best tool for cleaning clogs in any drain, even the sink or tub. The best one for the job is the classic plunger.

Drain Snake:
Drain snakes are flexible tools designed to remove clogs in pipes and drains. They are particularly useful for hair buildup and can easily hook and remove the clog.

Take the Pipe Apart:
For particularly persistent clogs or those that have settled in the U-pipe, you may end up needing to take part of the plumbing system apart. We recommend you leave this to the professionals to avoid any damage or leaking once you put it back together.

Water Jetting:
Strategically placed water in a high-pressure setting can naturally remove stubborn clogs. This is best done by an expert plumber with the right tools and experience.

For your clogged drains, call the plumbing technicians at Culler Plumbing for a hassle-free estimate.

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