A leaky faucet may seem like just a minor annoyance and many people think of them as such, but it can actually end up costing you quite a bit of money! In fact, according to the EPA, a leaky faucet that drips only once per second will waste approximately three thousand gallons of water in just a single year. That is enough water to take one hundred and eighty showers! Can you imagine what a slightly faster leak is costing? How much extra money that “minor annoyance” is costing you in your water bill!

Additionally, if the water is leaking into your under-sink cabinet, around the toilet, or onto the floor, just a little bit of water can do a lot of structural damage over time, especially if it is a continuous leak. Home repairs can get very costly! Do you still think that a leaky faucet is no big deal? Save water and money by turning to Culler Plumbing Services to get the prompt faucet repair completed by an expert plumber that you need.

Whether your faucet is dripping, flooding or it won’t turn on at all, the expert plumbers from Culler Plumbing Services have you covered. Parts that are broken, worn out, or corroded could be causing your faucets to fail you, but you can rest assured that our local plumbing team will be able to provide you with the repair or replacement that you need to stop the leak. We can service any type of faucet, whether it be in your kitchen sink, your shower or anywhere else, and we will do it efficiently and effectively.

Although a faucet that is leaking may seem like no big deal, it can waste a lot of water and leave you with a much higher water bill. Stop watching your hard-earned money go down the drain, one drip at a time. Instead, call the experienced plumbers from Culler Plumbing Services. We are standing by, ready to help!