Water heater service from our Edwardsville PlumberChances are, you probably don’t give your water heater a second thought too often, but imagine not having it! You’d have a hard time doing your laundry, washing the dishes, taking showers and so much more! Luckily, when you have Culler Plumbing Services on your side, you will never have to imagine life without hot water! Regardless of whether you are looking for water heater repair, maintenance or installation, our plumbers have the experience and the expertise to get the job done right the first time.

If you want to keep your water heater in great shape for as long as possible, the best thing that you can do is to get it serviced annually. With regular preventative maintenance, we will not only be able to give you peace of mind in knowing that everything is working as it should, our plumbing services will also extend the life of your water heater and keep any existing manufacturer’s warranties in place. Annual water heater maintenance involves:

  • Testing for carbon monoxide

  • Sediment flushing

  • Testing the expansion tank

  • Testing the temperature and pressure relief valve

  • Checking the anode rod

In addition to providing you with preventative maintenance and repairs, we also offer water heater installation. We are excited to say that we offer tankless water heaters, which can help you to save money on your energy bill each and every month!

Ensure that you always have the hot water that you depend on day in and day out by relying on Culler Plumber Services for all of your water heater needs. Contact us today!